What we enable
Make smarter lending decisions and help SMEs supercharge their cash flow.
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What we enable
Our tools are designed to help lenders and insurers meet the finance needs of modern SMEs
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Initiate payment instructions to your platform from your customers' accounting systems. Issue bills that automatically enable payment transactions.
Seamlessly assess an SME’s trade credit insurance risk using data from popular accounting and ERP platforms.
Trade and invoice financing
Gain the data you need to make informed financing decisions - supporting growth in your business and among your SME customers.
Risk analysis
Instantly understand SMEs’ suitability for finance across a wide range of data points.
Buyer and supplier connectivity
Go deeper into the trade ecosystem and empower buyers and suppliers of all sizes to access your financial products - from invoice and trade lending to insurance and bill payments.
Cryptocurrency transactions
Cryptocurrencies are playing an increasingly important role in SME finance and bill payments. Talk to us about our capabilities in this emerging area and learn about forthcoming  products.